Makeup & Airbrush Makeup


schedule appointmentAt The Headquarters Salon our licensed makeup artists are trained for bridal makeup, prom makeup, makeup lessons, airbrush makeup applications, and more.


We offer makeup services for every occasion. Our stylists will work with you to ensure that your makeup captures the look you’re going for – from the pure and simple to Hollywood starlet to special effects makeup, we provide a full range of make up applications and additional services including eyelash extensions. Whether you’re going for an everyday look, a night out on the town, or the wedding of your dreams, we have the makeup services to suit your needs

Airbrush Makeup

For those times when you absolutely need to look absolutely perfect, we also offer airbrush makeup services. Airbrush makeup is ideal for special occasions, such as a wedding, where only a flawless look will suffice. Airbrush makeup sets on contact, feels lighter than air, resists smudging and lasts up to 18 hours. Get complete coverage without the heavy cakey-ness associated with traditional makeup.  Airbrush makeup dramatically minimizes the imperfections of lines, texture and pores for a picture perfect look.

  • What is airbrush makeup?
    The makeup used is more watery than traditional makeup. You can achieve full coverage with less makeup than usually applied using a makeup brush or sponge. It is applied via a compressor and airbrush gun (kinda like those cool customized t-shirts at tourist shops).  Airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the skin as a fine mist which can be layered with several passes and shades.
  • Why choose airbrush makeup?
    Airbrush makeup will give you a flawless look that lasts all day and night! Approximately 10+ hours of amazing.
  • Will airbrush makeup wipe off on my clothes?
    It does not wipe off on your clothes — it’s waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof.
  • Does airbrush makeup cover imperfections?
    Airbrush makeup provides coverage of sun spots, red marks, blemishes, dark circles, and a variety of other imperfections.
  • How do I remove airbrush makeup?
    You will need any standard waterproof makeup remover..

Makeup Lessons


Want to learn to create that perfect smoky eye or find the best foundation for your skin type? Makeup lessons by The Headquarters artists is a sure way to keep your fabulous look going, even when you can’t get to the salon. Makeup application remains an elusive skill for many of us, but The Headquarters is here to help. We will teach you how to properly prepare your skin so it is at its most receptive before applying the very first product. You’ll learn all about applying moisturizers, concealers, and foundation to lay the stage for makeup application. Experienced makeup artists will teach you techniques and tricks for applying eyeliner, eyeshadow, blushes and lipsticks. You’ll leave the salon having learned more than you can imagine, with the skills and confidence to enhance your natural beauty each day via proper makeup application.



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