Artwalk 2016

Salvador Dali Artwalk Tribute

The Headquarters Salon is THRILLED to have participated in the September 2016 Lafayette Artwalk.

lafayette artwalk flyerIt’s crazy what you can do with a little imagination!! Our AMAZING stylists created a living tribute to the art of surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

His use of vibrant colors and dream-like, hallucination subject matter is a prevalent theme in the vast majority of his work. Best know for his painting Persistence of Memory and for his larger than life personality, Salvador Dali’s amazing body of work has been transformed into amazing works of art on a body.

We had months to work and plan and practice. The stylists at The Headquarters Salon have transformed our models into living works of art. Each stylist chose a piece of art by Dali to replicate and display at the Lafayette Artwalk. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on their art. Thanks to our models who volunteered so much time to this project. And a giant THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Antlers on Saturday night to support our hair salon!

We have an amazing video of our living art installment. (Courtesy of the talented Nathan Avant.) Check us out!!


Our Artwalk Living Art Installation

It’s not every day as a stylist that you get to put this much creativity into your work. Our team at The Headquarters Salon is fortunate and appreciative that we get to go wild and crazy once in a while. Our living, breathing canvasses did quite an amazing job of being fabulously stunning. The models made it easy for our stylists to transform their artistic vision into reality.

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