Battle of the Salons 2017

Battle of the Salons 2017: STEAMPUNK

battle of the salons 2017 steampunkThe Battle of the Salons 2017 features eight of Lafayette’s leading hair salons in, a head-to-head competition, strutting their styling skills. This year’s Battle theme couldn’t be more awesome! STEAMPUNK!

Steampunk is a fantasy/science fiction sub-genre whose works are often set in a post-apocalyptic, alternate history of the Victorian Era or American Wild West. The world is technologically advanced, retro-futuristic and running on the power of steam. Steampunk designs are usually balanced between biological and mechanical. Form and function. Old and new.

Our stylists have been tasked with the challenge of incorporating a Steampunk design onto our living canvass. And we love a challenge!

The Headquarters Salon has been hard at work planning, scheming, designing and practicing. We are ready to rock the runway at the Cajundome Convention Center, Saturday, March 25th.

Every year for Battle, the previous year’s winner hosts the competition. 2017’s Battle is hosted by Salon Bazaar and the proceeds will benefit Maddie’s Footprints.

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