Hair Color


dog tag schedule appointment buttonWhen you are looking to add color, dimension and texture to your hair, The Headquarters Salon has a team of master wizards to craft a personalized style specific to you. Going lighter and brighter? Or darker and richer? Our colorists have a wide range of skills and can achieve an infinite number of shades. They are specialists in coloring techniques, which means you get a coloring service from an expert with concentrated training and experience.

The Headquarters Salon uses top-of-the-industry products, including several TIGI lines, Catwalk, BedHead, and SFactor. It is these high quality products that allow our stylists to color and maintain your hair, creating a look that fits you perfectly.

Coloring, color refresh, high lights, low lights, balayage, glossing, total blonding, cover up the grey, turn your whole head grey we do it all and we do it well.

TIGI Hair Color

We are raising the bar on hair color quality. Our aim is to provide the Lafayette area with the best hair color service possible. Our team gets regular instruction in the precise chemistry of our hair products. When you visit our salon, you leave looking great! 

In the event you didn’t come to us first, we can also put right what went horribly wrong. Did you try to color your hair at home? Was there a box of product from Walmart involved? Did your best friend do it for you? Have you been wearing a hat for the last three days? Don’t despair! We can fix it! Lots of people come to us after trying out a little do-it-yourself, or after going to a sub-par salon. We will get the damage under control.

Call the salon to speak with one of our TIGI hair professionals or you can schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day.