The Importance of Google Reviews for Local Businesses

The Importance of Google Reviews for Local Businesses

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In the world of online advertising, the power and importance of the customer testimonial should not be underestimated. Google reviews are king. 

When consumers reach out to the internet to find goods and services, they are often inundated with options. Narrowing down that list to a manageable few can be excruciating and time consuming.

When you want to get down to the truth of a business’ ability to serve their customer, you need to hear from the customer.

Search engine companies are constantly striving to deliver to most relevant results for local business inquiries. The quality and quantity of Google reviews are among the most important ranking factors for local SEO. Businesses with good customer reviews present a greater level of trustworthiness, increasing their rank in search results.

Higher rankings in search results increases exposure for the hair salon. Increased exposure drives new customers to the business ensuring that The Headquarters Salon remains in operation…ready and willing and able to help you look your best.

The Headquarters Salon has phenomenal customer base. Our clients leave the salon looking glamorous and singing our praises. We are incredibly thankful for the business we receive from word-of-mouth.

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The Headquarters Salon strives to make sure our team is constantly learning and improving. We want our hair salon to be the best in Lafayette.

Never in a million years would we be so shady as to buy or bribe our way to good reviews. We are way too honest, and honestly, we want you to have an exceptional experience. Customer service is priority one!


Do you have a g-mail account? Have you been to our salon? How was your service? Wanna help us out?


Writing a review on Google is easy. All you need is an internet device, a g-mail account and five minutes.

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