How Do I Get My Hair to Grow Thicker, Longer, Faster?

How Do I Get My Hair to Grow Thicker, Longer, Faster?

Growing Pains

First, let’s start this off by managing our expectations. It’s not gonna happen overnight. This isn’t Harry Potter. There’s no magic potion. No secret pill. There are steps to improve the quality and health of your hair, but it takes time.
Hair typically grows about a quarter of an inch to maybe, half an inch per month. When you are growing out a shorter hair style it may seem like it’s taking forever….patience, Grasshopper!

It has long been postulated that regularly cutting your hair encourages it to grow faster. This is false. Hair growth is from the follicles of the hair, not the ends. The follicle doesn’t care what’s happening at the ends.
The benefits you get from regular hair trims are in removing split ends and damaged hair.

What Makes Healthy Hair Grow?

It comes back to those follicles we were talking about earlier. Just like growing bones need milk, hair follicles need nutrients to produce strong, healthy hair strands. And unfortunately for your luscious mane, when the body isn’t getting enough nutrients, non-essential parts like hair and nails are the first parts of the body to be affected. Therefore, it’s important to get a maintain a healthy diet, rich in Zinc, Iron and Vitamin C. Or take supplements to get all your vitamins and minerals…the closest thing to a magic bullet.

Keep the Shampooing to a Minimum!

growing thicker longer hairWhy are you washing your hair every day? Over-washing can dry out your hair, leaving it prone to breakage. The less you shampoo, the more hydrated and healthy your hair will be. Shampoo washes away product buildup and dirt, but it also takes natural oils that keep your hair healthy.
If you must shampoo, we suggest using a sulfate free shampoo. We are particularly fond of the TIGI lines. (We’ve got them in the salon, ask your stylist for a recommendation.)
And after the shampooing, CONDITIONER! Come on people, if you’re soaking your hair and washing off it’s natural oils, the least you can do afterwards is condition it. Conditioner helps replace proteins and lipids inside the hair shaft helping in preventing damage.
Keratin treatments are also very beneficial to keeping your hair healthy.

Go Easy With the Hair Brush

Pulling your hair out while trying to work out knots is painful and bad for your hair. (I wish someone would have told my mother that twenty-five years ago.) If you’re not careful, you can do more harm with your hairbrush, than good. When tackling tangles, brush it out from the bottom and work your way up. Starting at the top and brushing down can result in turning smaller tangles into a large knot.

Avoid the Heat

Hot showers. Hot air. Hot tools. They would all be best avoided. I’m not saying I expect you to quit taking hot showers, that’s unrealistic. Consider doing a cold-water rinse at the end of each shower. You only need to do it for a couple seconds, but it can make a difference. Hair dryers, curling irons & straighteners wreak havoc on hair. TIGI’s S Factor line makes a great heat defense spray.

Upgrade Your Bedding!?

I’ve read people making a case (pun intended) for switching from cotton to silk or sateen pillow cases. Supposedly cotton results in friction which causes tangles. It sounds reasonable. I can see where they are going with that suggestions. However, I’m not ruling out the possibility these people are just making excuses to buy silk sheets.

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