How To Speak Hair Stylist?

How To Speak Hair Stylist?

Hair Communication 101

If you’re anything like me, you get incredibly excited when it’s haircut time. You sashay into the salon and stake claim of your salon chair throne knowing exactly what you want. You can picture it in your mind…the cut, the color, the style. Let me tell you, it looks hella good!

And then, the stylist asks what you want to do? Cue the crickets. Fade to black. Mission abort. Your mind goes blank.

So you stammer up a jumble of words, trying to arrange them in an order that will help your stylist make sense of what you want your hair to look like. But you know you’ve probably just explained and requested the world’s worst haircut.

Some kinda language barrier, force-field goes into effect between my brain and my mouth when trying to explain a hairstyle to my stylist. Fortunately for me, my stylist is amazing and I get super, rockstar haircuts despite my inability to articulate my requests.

Don’t be like me! There are ways to improve your stylist communication skills and start getting the hair you actually want.


Make Sure They Are Listening

listen to your stylistThere’s no such thing as Too Much Information. You need to go through your explanation of what you want your hair to look like and have them repeat it back to you along with any suggestions. This is the best way of ensuring that they understand you want two inches trimmed not five. They will probably use ‘technical’ hair terms. Don’t let yourself be scared.


Be Specific

Have a look in mind? Use your words. Get descriptive. Say you want to trim two inches. Don’t hold your fingers stretched out and say trim “this much” hair. When you vaguely throw out subjective terms like shorter or longer you can’t be sure of the results you are going to get. Stylists are not mind readers. Tell us what you like, tell us what you don’t like.


Worth A Thousand Words

Pictures. Nothing more clearly illustrates your intentions than pictures. Hair magazines. Pinterest. Google. The internet has millions pictures of different hairstyles for men, women and children. Short hair. Long hair. Hair colors. Hair designs. Pictures make it easy. They are good indicators of not only what you like, but what you don’t want as well.


hair stylist communicationTell Us What Your Life Is Like

Yeah, you may really think you want that hairstyle you saw on Desperate Housewives, but do you realize how much time and styling goes into doing that everyday? If you are always in a rush and on the move you may want a different hairstyle than if you have a lot of time for a morning hair routine. Some looks will require more effort than others. Some will require tools and product.


Listen To Your Stylist

The Headquarters Salon has a team of professional, experienced stylists ready to make your hair amazing. The person holding the scissors knows what they are doing. When they have a professional opinion about your haircut, you really should listen to what they have to say. Agreeing with them is not required, but you should always listen. Our clients are our calling cards. We want you to look good!

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