Nonnie Berard

nonnie berard

Nonnie Berard is an innovative hairstylist whose technical versatility and singular creative talent have made her in high demand in Acadiana. Blessed with artistic vision and an uplifting, easy-going personality, Nonnie approaches her work with a refreshing sense of originality. She impresses her clientele with a strong work ethic and an ability to collaborate with others to achieve a common vision.

Nonnie has been a dominant force in the beauty industry since graduating from CTC in 2012. She has had a love affair with hair and makeup since childhood and has evolved along with trends and transformations. As a co-owner of The HeadQuarters, she instills determination in her team, while challenging them to be better stylists. 

Nonnie is a phenomenal air brush makeup artist, working in a commercial industry along with her community. She is an expert in color, extensions, and dreadlock installation.