Frequently Asked Questions Submissions

Frequently Asked Questions Submissions

Frequently Asked Questions

The wild and crazy world of hair salonery is filled with technical terms, funny names, chemical formulas, subtle differences and a million things that seem designed to bewilder the person sitting in the chair.

We get asked a ton of really good questions that are common place, every day ideas for us, but confusing to our clients. Our stylists will always be happy to discuss anything and everything during your visit, we want you to make informed decisions. Knowledge is power!

We have decided to unleash our extensive knowledge base on you, dear internet friends!! Our team has decades of education and training, it really would be selfish to keep all that to ourselves.

Ask us a question! We wanna learn ya!

Hair Styles. Hair Cuts. Hair Colors. Wild Hair Colors. Airbrush Makeup. Dreadlocks. Extensions. Eyebrows. Facial Waxing. Beard Maintenance. Conspiracy Theories. Off-Site Event Services. We are happy to talk about anything!!  

You may be wondering, what will happen to my question after submitting it?

Don’t worry, it’s in good hands. We have a plan.

  • Step 1: Collect all the questions.
  • Step 2: Write a well thought-out response, approximately 300-400 words, including useful information that accurately answers the question, often including a quippy remark (cause the author is hilarious!), all properly processed through spell and grammar check, containing a couple really cool, relevant pics of salon work.
  • Step 3: Create a Frequently Asked Questions page on the website answering as many questions as we can, as often as we can.
  • Step 4: Post those pages onto Facebook. Watch as the posts are shared and shared again. The world will know!

Now is the time. I know there’s something you’ve always wanted to ask. This is your opportunity. Submit a question. Put us to the test…we love a good challenge!

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