Locs & Extensions

Locs are as old as time. They are the original hairstyle. When the first humans gathered around their cave fires, you can bet they were grunting approvingly at each others dreads. Unfortunately for the cavemen, hair salons were not available for loc maintenance 160,000 years ago. Fortunately for you, over the many millenia, hair has evolved too!

Do you want locs? Have you always wanted them? Did you used to have a head full of fabulously, mature los? Do you miss them? The Headquarters Salon has a whole team of master locticians. Locs are our specialty.

Even in today’s evolved times there are not a lot of places you can go in Lafayette for locs and loc maintenance…and there are even fewer that you should trust with your locs. We are a full service loc salon. We will start them, maintain them, repair problem locs (a.k.a. fix what your friend who swore she knew what she was doing messed up) and advise you on at home maintenance.

Loc Maintenance

Loc maintenance keeps your locs nice and tidy. They aren’t “set it and forget it.” In the beginning during the maturing process, some care and attention is required, but once established, locs are a very low-maintenance hair-style and appointments are made on an “as needed” basis. 

The maintenance of your locs can include:

  • Tightening roots
  • Smoothing out loops and bumps
  • Weaving / tucking in loose hair
  • Thickening thin spots
  • Crochet
  • Re-Twist
  • Braiding

Loc Extensions

Just don’t have enough hair!? Or do you need to add a little length? Need to thicken out some spots? We can hook you up! Extensions can be either real human hair or synthetic. There are pros and cons to both. Human hair looks more natural, and can be dyed or colored, but is more expensive. Synthetic hair can’t be curled or straightened but it’s significantly cheaper. Both Synthetic and Human Lock extensions can be made “In house” by one of our very own stylists, Amber Wolfe.

No matter what you need, we are the best source of dreadlocks in Lafayette. Call the salon or schedule online for your Free Consultation today!

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