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  • Krystin’s Hair Prescription

    Krystin’s Hair Prescription

    The Doctor Is In! So many of us look to the internet for advice on how was can better take care of our hair. The truth is, there are no quick fixes and happy, healthy hair is like a relationship. It has to be nurtured and loved. Part of that is evaluating your routine and […]

  • How To Speak Hair Stylist?

    How To Speak Hair Stylist?

    Hair Communication 101 If you’re anything like me, you get incredibly excited when it’s haircut time. You sashay into the salon and stake claim of your salon chair throne knowing exactly what you want. You can picture it in your mind…the cut, the color, the style. Let me tell you, it looks hella good! And […]

  • How Do I Get My Hair to Grow Thicker, Longer, Faster?

    How Do I Get My Hair to Grow Thicker, Longer, Faster?

    Growing Pains First, let’s start this off by managing our expectations. It’s not gonna happen overnight. This isn’t Harry Potter. There’s no magic potion. No secret pill. There are steps to improve the quality and health of your hair, but it takes time. Hair typically grows about a quarter of an inch to maybe, half […]